What does Black Friday's mean?

So why exactly is it called Black Friday? Well in the retail world it has a deeper meaning than you might think. For most of the calendar year, retail stores are in "the red" meaning that stores have usually have lost more money then they have made.  The day after Thanksgiving begins the start when most stores start to make money.  Thus, taking stores from the red (losing money) into the black (making money).   The day after Thanksgiving retail stores run major sales and Holiday Shopping officially begins. Retail establishments are opening their doors early for customers to get door busting deals. Stores usually have incentives or coupons to get you in the door. So if  you are planning to go shopping on black Friday, be sure to go with a list. It is going to be crazy. If you are an online shopper most sites are offering free shipping, usually for over $100.00 orders.

With that said, just because things are priced to sale don't feel like you have to consume. If you feel the need to give a gift try giving something that is consumable like food, or a bottle of wine. An experience also makes a great gift like concert tickets. 

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