Las Vegas Hair Extensions


Ever thought about getting hair extensions? Want to know more? I took the the plunge and got Great Lengths hair extensions in Las Vegas. Great lengths are real human hair bonded to your natural hair. Since they are attached to your head, you can wash, curl, blow-dry your hair as normal. The only difference is you get to use a special hair brush. To my knowledge Great Lengths are some of the best hair around and look really natural, in fact no one can tell I have them in since they are such a perfect color match to my hair.

This picture is the most recent of my super long mermaid hair. I decided to get extensions because I wanted super crazy long hair…now, and more importantly because I trust my hair stylist who does them. Her name is Julia Latella and she is at Mosaic Salon (702)369-2002. Julia said I would love them and she is right. The funny thing is my husband loves them even more that I do. Who knew super long hair could be so sexy? I hate having maintenance, and the only maintenance great lengths extensions have are getting them replaced every 4-5 months. They are costly but so worth it. Here are some celebs rock-in Great Length extensions


If you are thinking about getting them done you will have to have a consultation, and if you don't get a consultation before hand I would find a different stylist. The stylist will need to determine how long you want them along with a perfect color match and how much hair you will actually need. If you live in Las Vegas or visiting sometime soon and are thinking about extensions....Julia Latella is the best hair stylist and works Mosaic Salon Boutique. 



Julia is the best, which means you have to book ahead because she is always booked. Consultations are free and I figure should only take about 5-10 minutes max. What I love most about my extensions is while I have fake super long hair like Miley Cryus , my hair continues to grow so soon I won't need them!!!