Packing 101

After going on a trip with the girls, I happen to be the only one that didn't check a bag. I had my long week end packed in a small carry-on. Now truth be told my style is very relaxed, and I rarely pack something I don't wear. Plus I like to shop in different boutiques that are far and few between here in Las Vegas. Since people actually pay me to pack there suit cases here is my top 5 suggestions to not forgetting the essentials

Tip #1- Look up the weather forecast, and start making a list of what you will need (swimsuit, umbrella, go-out clothes, snow-boots etc.,etc.)

Tip #2-Start with the essentials underwear, bras, socks, toothbrush, face wash, comb, mascara, deodorant Tip

#3-Pick clothing items that can be remixed, and/or transitioned from day to night. (like your favorite cardigan, dresses, pants, tank tops)

Tip #4-You need 3 pairs of shoes (causal tennis shoe for walking about, heels for night-time, a seasonal shoe (rain-boots/ flip-flops)

Tip #5-Accessories are key to making your suitcase wardrobe look different. Don't forget to pack jewelry, hats, scarfs, belts, and hair accessories