How to Layer Clothing

If you want to look more "fashionable" per say, you have to learn to layer. Layering doesn't have to make sense, and for the average person it actually doesn't. But when was the last time an average person was perceived as "fashionable"? Here are some general guild-lines to layering.

* The thinnest garment should always be worn closest to your skin, and the thickest garment should be worn as the top layer


* Place structured pieces on top: choose a top layer with a waistline – a cinched or empire waist, belted waist, blouse with well-placed darts, fitted blazer, cropped jacket or cardigan, anything that will basically create a waistline. If your problem area is in your belly (like mine) try belting a little below your bust to create an empire waist

*Wear longer pieces towards the bottom layer: For example, a long cardigan should be layered with a shorter jacket or a vest.

*Balance Layered tops with slim bottoms: If you chose to wear many layers on top (think tank top, cardgain, jacket) keep the bottom half of your outfit long and lean. Try skinny-cut, tapered, boot cut pants, leggings, tights, pencil skirt, or mini skirt. Look longer and leaner by matching your shoes to your pants, leggings, or legwear.

*Avoid Layering Garments with the same style, pattern, and fabric. Example: If you are wearing leopard shoes, avoid wearing anything else leopard. That way the leopard print will pop, which is the whole idea of creating a more stylist look.



*After 3 layers, you risk looking too bulky

*Do not wear tank tops over t-shirts

*Some idea’s could be adding a knee high sock to your tall boots and tights, a scarf & and belt.

So basically Jcrew inspires all things layering. No joke, the Jcrew catalog always gives me some sort of inspiration (and a want list, hundreds of dollars long). Go on-line to and request a catalog. Then hop over to Note to Self it is a great blog I just found. Check out the hers/mine section.