How to Clean your makeup brushes

Ladies, ever wonder why either your powder, blush, foundation just isn’t going on as smooth as it used to or even why you are breaking out more often than normal? Look at your makeup brushes. When was the last time you cleaned them? Just like the clothes you wear, your makeup brushes need to weekly cleaning to remove all the old makeup, dirt, oil and dead skin cells on your face they are picking up every time you use them. Cleaning them will not only keep them bacteria free, it will help keep their quality longer and make your makeup look better. Step 1.) Wet bristles with water.

Step 2.  Add a drop of facial soap or brush cleaner to bristles.  Massage through with fingers in the direction the bristles are placed (from base to tip) Step 3.  Rinse well.  Repeat Steps 2-3, until the water runs clear. You’ll be amazed on how much makeup will come out.

Step 4.  Gently squeeze excess water out of bristles by placing brush on a clean absorbent towel, wrap towel over bristles and press the towel down onto the bristles.  Do not rub, simply press down.  Do this several times, then allow brushes to lie on towel until fully dry.  Note: do not stand brushes on bristles or on ends, as this will ruin your brush.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS LAY YOUR BRUSHES FLAT. That way they keep their shape.