How much do fashion stylists make annually?

So you’ve decided you want to pursue the glamorous career of a fashion stylist, and you’re ready to talk numbers. How much do fashion stylists make annually? How much should I expect to make? How does pay-day work? Can this be a consistent paying career? While these questions have answers, they really depend on a plethora of factors: location, experience, competition, the client, the job, etc. So I’ll do my best to clear up the opaque nature of the job and send you off into the world of styling. For starters, most fashion stylists work on a day rate, ranging from $500-$3,000/day (this range is where the numerous factors come in). Some gigs are only half-days, while others can have you on set for a painstaking 16 hours. Sometimes jobs are paid on the project verses the day. As for location, in my experience I know that Los Angeles rates are a lot higher than somewhere like Las Vegas… but with more money comes more competition. Ultimately, the money made from one gig doesn’t matter if you can’t continue to market yourself and get more jobs. There can be a lot of downtime spent job hunting in this field. I have had streaks where the jobs seem to be coming to me, and other times where there isn’t a job to be found for weeks. In the end, building a solid base of clients that love your work is really where the money is at—the money you can count on. So how much does the average fashion stylist make annually... in my case it varies from year-to-year. Keep in mind there are stylist like Rachel Zoe , Brad Goreski, Olori Swank who get contracts with brands or partner with clothing lines or create there own line, or open there own store. (think Patricia Field). Also note that stylist who have full-time help are kinda of on another level, for they are responsible for paying someone whether or not their check comes in.