Do fashion stylist need an education?

One of the biggest questions that anyone pursuing a career in fashion asks is there any formal training or education. Do fashion stylist need an education? The answer isn’t so clear-cut, because while no formal education is required, having a degree can set you apart from other candidates (of course).

There are several degree paths that can help to provide you with some necessary critical thinking skills for this type of job, ranging from fashion to marketing, merchandising, and maybe even a business degree. Essentially, you are running your own business and for the creative types that isn't always the easiest thing to be great at. I myself find my retail experience extremely helpful in what I do. Which is threw my personal experience verses college education.

But learning the tricks of the trade are learned on the job not in text books or classrooms—getting hands on training through internships or entry-level positions can really boost your skill set. Getting ahead in this industry is all about making connections and building a solid portfolio that reflects your style.

The only one direct path usually every fashion stylist takes is assisting with another stylist. Besides that there really isn’t one, direct path that every fashion or wardrobe stylist follows to reach their goals. Taking some basic business, marketing, fashion design or merchandising classes is a great way to dip your feet into the industry.

I have a bachelors degree in communication. I would say my four year college degree doesn't really help me in my styling career. But with that said having a degree means I can actually follow threw and finish something. Which hopefully means something to someone. If I could go back I would of picked up sewing. I have not got in jobs before because I can't sew.