Are there Full-time jobs for fashion stylist?

One thing that can be a drag for aspiring fashion stylists to understand is the inconsistency of the career: some weeks are full and others are void of jobs to be done and money to be made. A common question can be “Are there full-time jobs for fashion stylist?” And there totally is! The sad part is that they are few and far between. Most fashion-oriented corporations have some type of stylist position if they have a strong web presence. Other will likely hire freelancers for photoshoots. For example, Zappos has a photo studio based in Las Vegas that shoots both product and on-figure clothing. Because the shoot Monday-Friday, their studio consists of  full-time stylist & photographers. (I know this because I tried to get in there as a freelance stylist which they never hire for) I have worked in many photo-studios that house both full-time and freelance stylists.


So if the freelance lifestyle isn’t for you and consistency is what you crave, start looking up retail companies based in your city. You might be surprised once you start digging which companies actually started in your city. Once you find the company than I would start looking creative directors, styling mangers to try and show you book to.  It should be noted, though, that oodles of experience is required to even be considered for a full-time lead stylist job in businesses like these. If your heart is set on it, find some internships and part-time work, and start your way up the ladder that is the fashion stylist career. The bigger the company the longer it will take to work your way up. Hopefully you know what your getting yourself into. Being a fashion stylist is not easy, so be prepared to put your time in!