Valentines Gifts for Her

Valentines Gifts for Her. Women eat this holiday up, and if you are in a new relationship, the pressure is on. Women are always comparing stories and bragging if they have something to brag about. If you put some time and energy into this day you won’t regret it. Depending on your budget, here are great valentine gift ideas for that special someone. * A Card- something so simple, can make such a big difference.

*Make Dinner Plans / either at “your” favorite spot, or a restaurant she has always wanted to go to. If you don't want to leave the house try hiring a private chef for homemade special dinner. In Las Vegas I refer Chef Pete Ghinoe 702.885.7897

* If she is into music purchase SADE’s new album “Soldiers of Love” released February 9th 2010

* Something Sweet- Not all women like chocolates, but everyone has their favorite something sweet, or salty. You can make your special someone feel really special by taking a second to remember the little things that they like. If you lady is always nagging about her weight get her something that smells sweet like Philosophy Bath & Shower Gels. These delicious smelling 3-in-1 shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath come in lots of different scents

* Jewelry- Every girl likes some type of jewelry. Make her day with a special piece you know she would like. This piece does not have to come from a jewelry store it can come from her favorite clothing store instead. Diamond studs are lovely I have to admit , but if your budget doesn’t meet that $10,000 dollar price tag and getting fake diamonds is not an option, you can still get her a pair of fun earrings that you know she might like.

* Sexy Shoes- Sounds odd right? If your girl loves shoes, which most do, buy her a sexy pair and tell her to wear them to bed. She will be so happy you bought her shoes, and than you will be happy to only she her in them. This doesn’t just work with any type of high heels you need to buy something she wouldn’t normally buy for herself like…..think designer brands Christian Louboutin (every girl wants to wear red soles)

* Something Sexy- If you think she will wear it for you, buy it and have it gift wrapped. Set your lady up for success. If you know she is the conservative type buy her something modest, if she is the wild type head straight for the adult store