Valentines Gift Idea's for Him

In my experience men are easily pleased, and are very simple creatures. Men believe in this hallmark holiday, because if they didn't, you will be disappointed. This not worth the grief. So with that, said give him a special treat with these out of the box gift idea’s for valentines 2010. *Buy him something super sexy for yourself- that you will actually wear and feel sexy in. Just the fact that you will be dressing up for him will be a treat

* If he is into music purchase SADE’s new album “Soldiers of Love” released February 9th 2010

* Shaving products- this item will always be on my gift list. I have never met a man who didn’t enjoy using them. Give your man a silvertip shaving brush with matching razor and stand. If he has never used shaving products get him a starter kit for $40, if he likes it you have future gifts ideas for him!

*The Apple iPad- for $499 you can get a touchscreen computer. As my husband would say it is the "Next Generation" of consumer electronics. When the iPad released January 27th I received over ten e-mails about this product. Take it from me ladies he wants this new toy.