Why Smoking is not Fashionable

I just received my new Lucky magazine and there is a full page insert for cigarette brand American Spirit with coupons inserted. Ok...seriously American Spirits target market is fashionable women ages 15-55. I personally think smoking is the least bit fashionable, it makes you age quicker, look older, turns your teeth yellow, and your breath nasty.

At the end of the day I want people to look better. Being a life-long slave to tobacco will result to a sallow complexion, yellow fingers and teeth, broken capillaries around the eyes, the wrinkles, and perpetual frowns. Take care of your self. Stop smoking and save your cigarette money for shoes, a personal trainer, Botox (to get rid of what smoking has done to your face), or a trip to Las Vegas!!!

Can you tell I am a mom? Both my step-kids under the age of 21 smoke, which I can't stand. Thanks for putting up with rants.