Why a ‘Sale’ doesn’t always ‘save’ you money

Are you that person that bolts straight to the sale section of the store? I totally get it. Clothing can be extremely expensive, and every penny saved counts. Wearing the at of a personal stylist, part of my job sometimes includes cleaning out or editing people's wardrobes. On the job, I have seen the down side of ‘sales’ many times - clothes that still have the Sale tags on because they have never been worn.

Why a ‘Sale’ doesn’t always ‘save’ you money


Here is a typical scenario: You cannot bring yourself to spend $150 dollars on a pair of jeans. So instead you buy 3 pairs of jeans that look ‘okay’ on, and you still are in search of the perfect pair of jeans. Before you know it you have 5 pairs of jeans in your closet that you don't really love and honestly don't look that great on. Let's say each pair of jeans cost $50, times that by 5, so this turns out to cost you $250 dollars. It would of been cheaper for you to just spend the money up front and buy the expensive jeans that look fabulous on you. Who cares that they would be your only pair, your butt looks awesome in them.

I also find that people get obsessed with the label attached to the clothing. Just because an item is designer doesn't mean it belongs in your wardrobe. I know this one can be hard to swallow. But seriously, having a discounted $500 Burberry dress just sitting in your closet with the tags attached is a complete waste. I understand not being able to afford or justify paying the full price for higher end brands. Through my experience of cleaning out closets, I know that buying ugly, discounted and high-end merchandise would be better spent on something you love and actually wear. Buying clothes on sale is only great when you find what you need and will wear; not just buying because you believe it's a good sale.

So here is my solution: Before you enter the mall, edit your closet and make a list. ONLY PURCHASE items on your list that you will wear, then don’t look back.

If this approach seems overwhelming, Google a personal stylist for the city you live in. You are not hiring Rachel Zoe, believe me, a stylist is within your reach. A stylist can help you make the purchases that are right for you and can teach you how to start buying clothes for yourself that you will wear.

The moral of this blog post is that next time you’re out and see the sale rack, remember that everything you buy you should love and love to wear, whether it’s on sale or not.