Label my Life

Do you ever feel over-whelmed with all the stuff in your life? Kids, laundry, mail, paper-work, e-mails, work. When faced between work and life, work seems to always win. Leaving my life at home a bit of a cluttered mess (well my definition of messy). So frustrated by my piles of stuff and my daughters toys taking over every single room in the house I decided it was time to seek help.....from an organizer. My husband has this rule: always hire a professional it will save you time and money in the long run. So in my house we tend to hire a lot of professionals. After years of always trying to find a cheaper way out, I have learned he is right on this one, along with "you get what you pay for". So looked on the internet and found Renee Ursem in Las Vegas. Renee came over gave me her rates (started at $65-$75 hr) and took a look at what my issues were. Basically I had too many homes for all my work stuff (instead of just one), and I needed to help put my daughter toys away with her verses just let her throw them any where and everywhere. (I asked that she bring the label maker, yes I am one those types that wanted everything labeled). I don't think organizing is hard (I mean, my closet is picture perfect) but would never make the time to organize anything else. My mini home based office took around 4hours to organize, and WOW what a difference. A month later it still looks, perfect. So the lesson here is, if you can't (or know yourself well enough to know you won't) do it yourself find a professional that can. Fast forward a couple years I was gifted a label maker.... and I believe Renee is no longer taking work as a organizer.