What a difference Pretty teeth can make!

I am in the business of making people look better, and I feel very fortunate to have a job that I love. Every now and than I get to go a step further, and consult on procedures to really help people go beyond just updating their wardrobe. I had a client text me one day asking, "Now that you have fixed the way I dress, can you do something about my teeth". I was excited for my client to have made such a costly, but needed decision. People underestimate how important teeth are for your appearance and your health. Take a look at what a difference some dental work can do for your smile.

I am sure you have a horror story about a bad dentist. I know I do. Finding a good, honest, and gentle dentist is not an easy task. In the past, I have had such bad experiences with dentist's trying to up sell dental work, do crappy work, and frighten me to not want to come back. I think you have to kiss a couple of frogs before finding a dentist that works for you. If you are looking for a new dentist, and are in the Las Vegas area, Dr. Steve A. Avena, DSS. (www.stevenavenadds.com) is my vote. He has become my personal dentist and is responsible for the work seen in the pictures above.