Ever heard of ClassPass? How about Fit Mod? If you love treating yourself to hot yoga, barre, spin, boxing, pilates class etc etc, but you don’t want to spend the drop rate of $20 a class then continue reading….. So here’s the deal on ClassPass. You pay a monthly membership fee ($79-$99 depending on the city) and Class Pass has a network of boutique fitness studios you can visit up to 3 times a month in one billing cycle. You can take a unlimited amount of classes each month…. but only 3 a month from one individual studio. Below is the interface to look up classes. Either by activity, location, time slot, or studio.

classpass  classes
classpass classes

As a freelance fashion stylist my job includes travel, ClassPass gives me the flexibility of working out in other cities it’s in (Especially since I work as a local in both Las Vegas & Seattle.)

ClassPass Pro’s

*It offers classes I love but would never spend the money on individually. *Makes me commit to taking classes, cause the $20 no-show fee costs to much money to be lazy for. *By booking classes in advance, I’m able to plan time for my workouts.

classpass schedule
classpass schedule

*There’s no contact to sign, if you want to take the month off you can put your ClassPass on hold for $20 (Which lets me take 1 class that month) a month. *ClassPass has a mobile app for the iPhone (Which makes booking classes super easy for me.) *I have been able to try a bunch of different studios, and really mixed up my workouts.

You are able to change cities and browse different neighborhoods with each city. Makes finding studios super easy
You are able to change cities and browse different neighborhoods with each city. Makes finding studios super easy

ClassPass Cons

*If you register for a class and don’t show up, you will be charged a $20 no-show fee. *Classes get booked fast, so planning your workouts is key.

I found out about ClassPass through a rep that wanted to collaborate on the launch of classpass Las Vegas. The collaboration included me trying out ClassPass for a month (AKA gifting me a months pass). In that month I took 8 classes. Working out is not that fun, but trying Class Pass was. I found an amazing pilates class that charged $35 for a drop in rate and took a spin classes at Flywheel which runs $25 drop in rate. After my free month was over I decided to stick with Class Pass, it works with my lifestyle and my budget. The cost of my class pass in Seattle/ and or Las Vegas is $79.

Interested in trying Class Pass: 1-week trials of Class Pass are available on a limited basis for new Class Pass customers in certain markets only. Contact here to find out whether 1-week trials are currently available in your market.

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