Fall Fashion Colors 2011

I had a speaking egagement today and had some question's almost left un-answered. I didn't come prepared with my Fall 2011 pantone color palette, and really when we talk about trends color is important. I feel like color is important because it really dictates what is in the stores and what goes on sale.

In terms of trend, every season there is a new color palette. I find color to be important when creating timeless looking images or wardrobe for that matter. Here is the color palette for Spring 2012

I am not trying to sound like Meryl Streep from The Devil wears Prada, but walking the trade shows these color palettes dictate what buyers are buying. So what does this mean to you? Take what you want from it. I am not going to judge you, I could care less how old your sweater. In fact, I am still in love with my green pea coat that is 10 years old. My role as wardrobe stylist is to teach people: to purchase clothes that they will actually wear, and what will still be revenant to your wardrobe in 2-5 years. Ok so do you get why color is important??? Special thanks to all the ladies that listened to me talk for an hour about fashion.