Fashion technology

Fashion technology is a real thing. The idea of “fashion meets function” is being catapulted into a everyday markets that all most anybody can afford. From new advances in heating a cooling fabrics, to yarn that can literally function as the screen on your smart phone, printing shirts and jackets are transcending mere cotton and blasting off into the future of technology. Google is in the early stages of developing a fabric with “digital sensing capabilities,” a techy way of saying that the fabric will be able to interact with smartphones. Google is calling this project “Jacquard,” and so far the electric fabric has been used to make a jacket that—get this—was able to command a cell phone to make a call. Such mindboggling technology is possible because the structure of the textile is the exact same as that of a smartphones touchscreen.



[ted id=2388] While Google’s smart fabric is still in the working phase, another new fabric is actually out in stores this fall, and it’s quite cool—literally. Based in Atlanta, the groundbreaking brand Brrr! debuted a new fabric technology aimed at keeping the body a cool, refreshing temperature. Spearheaded by fashionista’s MC and Tosha, Brrr! uses a dye free, all-natural mineral compound that is “Powered by Air,” meaning that to cool down you only need to take off the garment and shake it in the air for a moment. The yarn fabric never loses its cooling ability, no matter how many washes it undergoes. Brrr! saves the day by being a cooling element among the warmer clothing elements. Even with the excitement of the launch of their new line, MC and Tosha still have their sights set on the future, with Spring 2016 bringing even more surprises such as a men’s line, underwear and bedding. The brand’s baby line, Brrr!Baby, is also set to launch this coming Spring.

The Colorado-based company Voormi has developed a material that is geared at doing the exact opposite: keeping the body warm when hitting the snowy slopes. Warm, waterproof wear isn’t a new invention, so what’s all the fuss about? Check it out: Voormi’s new material in the first waterproof, breathable fabric that is only ONE layer. Bulky ski jackets and windbreakers are old news, and the sportswear industry is very excited to welcome Voormi’s lightweight line. Voormi can only be found at a handful of shops in the states, but their online selection is plentiful.