Project, Pool, WSA, Curve, and Magic

I have been very busy in Las Vegas walking the numerous convention centers, attending Project, Pool, WSA, Curve, and Magic. These are all clothing and shoe conventions that I spent time at last week. Fashion trade shows typically preview product about 6 to 9 months ahead of when merchandise is available in the retail setting. Spring 2010 isn't even here, yet I am already taking notes and am up to speed on forecasting for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011. These shows are a great way for me to share with you what is coming in the world of Fashion, as well as for me to purchase product for of the trends on the horizon include: Lace, Lace, and more Lace- when I saw the Dior show my mouth dropped, needless to say I am loving all the lace and the sexiness that comes with it. For Fall 2010, transition your lace pieces to be combined with vintage inspired pearls, and velvet. Lace will even be seen on shoes and boots.

Military/ Army inspired anything - olive green, khaki, and even cameo print will appear on the scene for Fall of 2010 and even carry into Spring 2011. Think Indian Jones inspired. Personally, I am loving combat boots and think they will look cute with lace tights.

Ethic/ Tribal Prints- print with a very rich color pallet. Think gold, red, brunt orange, greens, jade, and browns with a bright pop of color. Tribal prints for forecasted to be big in Spring 2011. To work this trend I would pick up a scarf, or great patterned skirt.

If you still have your cowboy boots, the Western Front will be back in a big way for Spring 2011. Think pink, browns, soft neutrals, navy, and periwinkle blues. The preppy school boy is also an up and coming trend. Think classic cardigans, tailored jackets, full skirts, and short socks. I teach my clients to actual wear all or most of their clothes, and to buy pieces that will be in their closet for more than a year. With that said I am seeing olive green everywhere for Fall 2010.