Loving Rose Gold

Everything is coming up roses, rose gold that is. I have alway been a fan of rose gold and am excited to see more of it being offered these days. I am seeing the use of rose gold in everything from watches, jewelry, to even shoes. It started to take off during the spring season, but has now skyrocketed and having a huge fashion moment for fall. The beauty behind this metal is that the new rose gold has a sepia-tone quality that looks vintage and modern at the same time. Needless to say, this is not the rose-gold of the past. We can thank Cartier, for many things, but one for putting rose gold into the history books when the trinity band debuted in the late 1920s and from there the trend of mixing metals became the β€œit” thing to do. When paired with a yellow gold, rose gold flows effortlessly into the more ornate nature of it to create a dusty, vintage look. But with a silver metal, or white gold, rose gold adds that perfect pop of color against a minimalist vibe.

I think rose gold is the ideal pairing with the season because it adds such a warm, rich feeling to a look, which goes hand in hand with the sentiments of fall. Rose gold has made such a comeback this year because color itself has had such resurgence in fashion. Up and down the fall runways color was actually present, something that has been missing for a while. Rose gold complements all the brighter shades, such as yellow, red and purple, as well as all the neutrals, camel, grey and olive, of this season.

Rose gold will add that touch of femininity and softness to your look, and help you create a perfect mix between modern and traditional. Feel free to mix and match rose gold with other color metals.