Fashion museums in Florence Italy

As I was looking up things to entertain my daughter with in Florence and I stumbled across that Gucci had a museum. I had no idea there were multiple fashion museums in Florence Italy. I saw a total of 3 exhibits. 

Gucci Gardens 

   The museum was cool and took me about 20-25 minutes to go through. I enjoyed seeing modern art and clothes from the 1960’s/1970’s. There was more clothing and accessories from collections with in the last five years verses older Gucci. It was $8 euro for adults and students are free. No reservations were required. It is close to a bunch of other tourist attractions and would be very easy to pop into if you had time. 


Pitti Place fashion exhibit

 I just stumbled upon this exhibit while walking thru the Patti Place. Fashion is art and like art everyone has a different take on it. I liked that this exhibit was focused on men’s clothing and combined both vintage and currant fashion. My one take away was curating this exhibit was no easy fleet and I love that Vans were used. I personally like styling suits with causal shoes. This exhibit runs thru September 2019


Salvatore Farragamo  

This is not what I expected to see. For some reason I thought I was going to learn more about the brand and the evolution of footwear. There was one room with a bunch of shoes for the past and present which I assume would be called museum “museo”. The other rooms were an exhibit about stainability called “sustainable thinking” and focused on other artists and designers. I could have spent more time in this exhibit but my husband and daughter didn’t want to go in so I did a quick run thru I will tell you the pizza place across the street where they were waiting for me was delicious.  Sustainable Thinking runs thru March 8th, 2020. This museum was $8 euro and students have to pay. No reservations were required. This was also about 10-minute walking distance from Gucci Gardens. 

boots made from used fishing nets

boots made from used fishing nets

dress made from Salvatore Ferragamo shoe scraps

dress made from Salvatore Ferragamo shoe scraps

Salvatore Ferragamo Archives

Salvatore Ferragamo Archives


Overall, I enjoyed the fashion museums in Florence. Gucci Gardens was my favorite and is worth a pop-in if you have time in your visit to Florence.