Dyson Blow Dryer

The Dyson supersonic hairdryer has been all the rage, and with a $400 dollar price tag I wondered if it was worth the hype. The time came when I was in the market for a new blow dryer. My favorite for the last 10 years has been the T3, but with all the hype I thought it was worth testing out. 

So do I love my Dyson blow dryer... well I like it a lot. Here's what I love the most:


the filter is at the bottom of the dryer and is easy to clean

Every other blow dryer I have had has the wire filter with tons of dirt that I forget to clean. The blow dryer lights up when the filter needs to be clean. With such a steep price tag, I have confidence that this blowdryer will last more than my others which is every 3-4 years.

  • I do like the Dyson brand and currently own three of this vacuum, plus this fan

  • I love that the attachments are Magnetic and they stay on

I have a lot of fine hair. I didn't notice my drying time to be any quicker. I was in the mind set of I could return the blow dryer if I didn't love, love, love it ... but after the 3rd use I decided I really liked it. Between me and my daughter we use this blowdryer almost every day. So here's the scoop. If you need a new blow dryer and have the funds to invest in a quality product this is a safe bet. It also comes with a two-year warranty. If you don't blow out your hair all the time I am not totally sure you will see that much of a difference.  

This video brakes down how much research and testing went into making this product hence the price