Bra 101

I wrote this article years ago for a publication and just found in my Microsoft Word Doc and thought it was worth sharing. If you want basic bra 101 continue reading. As a stylist and image coach my job is to make you, my clients feel and look your very best. Now there are many points and tips I share with clients everyday, but if there was one thing I would stress to you if you are getting back in the saddle again, or someday want to, is simply that. You need to know how important it is that you not only feel your very best, but that you know you look it too.

Bra 101

Now there are several ways to go about to do this, but my quickest, yet quintessential solution for achieving this is by taking the time and go get fitted for a new bra. Easy I know, but seriously when was the last time you did this? When you are wearing the correct size undergarments, your clothes fit better, you look 5 pounds thinner and you’ll feel more confident.

To me, owning new properly fitting under garments is like having a secret arsenal of self -assurance. You will look sleeker and sexier than ever before, making you more confident to face the world of dating. Here are some ways to figure out if your wearing the right bra.

1.) If your bra strap consistently slides off and the back rides up – you are wearing the wrong size 2.) In a right fitting bra your nipple should line up halfway between your elbow and your shoulder. If yours doesn’t do this you are probably wearing the wrong bra

Now when you go to look at bras, ask the fitter questions. Show her the bras you like and don’t like, a great way to do this is to wear your favorite bra to the store and tell the fitter why its your favorite, so she can show similar ones. And always, always wear or at least bring a t-shirt when you are bra shopping. A good bra has to pass the t-shirt test by looking smooth and invisible underneath it. If it doesn’t than you need to move on and find a different bra.

Also when you are trying them on, make sure you are doing a proper try on. I know I didn’t even know what this was or that for more years than I would like to mention, was not putting my bras on right. But there is a proper way to ensure a perfect fit and you do it by putting on your bra while bending forward so your breasts fall into the cups. Then you fasten the back and adjust the shoulders. Do this and you will see a major difference in the way your bras fit.

As with jeans and shoes, your undergarment collection also needs diversity. You would never own just one pair of shoes would you? Having five styles of bras in your wardrobe is ideal. You should have a … 1. Smooth one, for under t-shirts and tighter fitting tops 2. Strapless, key for strapless dresses or wider neck lined tops 3. Sporty, for working out your sexy bod 4. Sexy one, you know for fun things that tend to happen after a few cocktails 5. T-back, these will help immensely for under razorback tanks. A leisure bra, should be super comfy and the one you would wear everyday if you could. (I don't own a leisure bra, but some of my girlfriend only wear them, hence it made my list)

 I hope this helps guide you in creating a fabulous foundation, both for your clothes and your energy level to try on new bras. Remember a few small, but significant adjustments is all you need to feel confident, sexy and ready for the new year.