Loving Dinair Airbrushing System

I had the best time last week at an event that was put on by Dinair at Bellagio’s Spa & Salon. Dinair is an airbrushing system that is perfect for home use. This system is no joke; it makes it possible for a beginner to apply makeup and to create a perfect face. After a little experimentation and getting the hang of using the airbrush, it’s fun. The key things to learn are how much pressure to put on the gun, and which colors to use to obtain the look you want. My favorite part was the stencils; they are simple to use and turn out great. Check out these pictures:

This girl’s hair was already purple; the stencil was applied with black paint. How cool does this look?

I am so inspired by the possibilities Dinair holds for Halloween, which is one of my favorite holidays. This year for Halloween I am leaning towards being Neytiri from Avatar. Recreating the texture of Neytiri’s skin will taken a fraction of the time using the Dinair airbrush makeup system. If I can pull this one off, it will be my best costume ever! Dinair can be purchased at Bellagio’s Spa & Salon or at http://www.airbrushmakeup.com/