Cool Stuff at Cosmoprof North America 2010

Here are new products that I discovered at Cosmoprof, here in Las Vegas. For those you who love eyelash extensions, and tinting your eyelashes, there is now Cry Baby. Cry Baby is a semi-permanent mascara that will add volume, length, curl and color to your lashes. Cry Baby is waterproof, and lasts up to two weeks. This product is new to me, and technicians need to be trained on how to apply this product. I currently don't know of any salons that are offering Cry Baby.

Ever have dry cracked feet? Well Baby Foot has an at home solution. You put on a slipper that has medication contained in it, wear for two hours and than wash off.

The booth was not giving out examples, so I have not tried this product. When I saw the dramatic pictures of peeling feet, I said ugggh out loud. The sales rep assured me that is was not a painful process.

Next product is Skincerity. Skincerity is a nightly breathable barrier and is the world's only patented breathable masque that dramatically improves your skin without changing your regimen. Before you go to bed you roll the product over your face and it seals a light barrier on your skin. The theory is that the barrier locks in whatever face product you are using (think eye creme, acne medication, etc.) and the natural moisture contained in your skin. Here is what the company states as benefits:

*Tones and tightens your skin *Reduces the appearance of skins fine lines and wrinkles *Reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and also facial redness *Cleans and exfoliates the skin *Smoothes and brightens dull facial complexions *It hydrates and nourishes dry damaged skin

This product retails for $95 dollars and can be purchased threw salons, dermatologist, and individual sales reps. I was able to get a sample of this product, and used it for the first time last night. I will use it for 4 weeks to see if it actually works. If I like it I will do another posting about it. If you would like to purchase Skincerity, contact me using the 'ASK LAUREN' tab at the top of the screen, and I will pass you the information for a sales rep.

Emani Minerals is a green organic cosmetics line. This makeup line is vegan, gluten friendly, talc free, cruelty free, committed to use 100% recycled paper goods (25% post & 75% pre-consumer), and is committed to make all paper goods 100% biodegradable.

What I was most interested in was all the different types of foundations this product line offered. DR. Gram skin care line is simple and straight forward. This product line is organic and eco-friendly, and the price point is affordable. Personally I am a sucker for eye-cremes and DR. Gram serves up a good one. I have used it for the past two days and once my samples run out I will be purchasing this product.

Last but not least is Ecoco Extreme Hold hair gel. I was just digging the models makeup and couldn't resist touching their stiff hair.