Shopping in Tokyo

Shopping in Tokyo is amazing. So many stores. High end stores, department stores that sale everything, crazy electronic stores, awesome vintage stores and sweet boutiques hidden in ally ways.  I had googled shopping in Tokyo and went to several malls over the span of 3 days. Granted the weather was very raining and I preferred to be inside verses outside here are my thoughts on shopping in Tokyo:

#1- Tokyo is filled with ultimate luxury brands (if only I had $30,000 to drop on a shopping spree)

#2- fast fashion stores all sold kind of the same thing with the same color palette (yes I even visited to 12 story Uniqlo store in Ginza) As much as I love the price I am beginning to hate fast fashion

#3-the best American vintage. If it wasn't so cold outside I would of tried some denim on

#4-Go shopping in Harajuku off the beaten path. Along the streets there are big branded stores. The magic happens when you turn down ally ways. You will discover very cute boutiques. I discovered these ally ways at the end of my stay with a tired teenager. When I return to Tokyo I will spend the day getting lost in these streets.


Overall me and my daughter didn't buy all that much. Actually I didn't buy anything for myself. Everything I wanted to buy was cheaper in the US. Except this cool brand Gaufrait I found. We were starving and I was too tired to try on clothes. Being the stylist that I am I took a picture of the label so I could find it. Only to find that this brand Gaufrait is made and sold in Japan and doesn't have a store nor does it list locations on wear to buy in Tokyo. Not remembering which mall it was in... I missed out.  

If you have any Tokyo suggestions, haller at me. Japan is magical and I want to go back!