Vegas Strong

My heart hurts for Las Vegas. I took my daughter and nephew to a all day concert at that same venue 8 days earlier. Terror exists every where and this event really hit home since I just occupied that concert space. I am struck with "what can I do to help create change". Feeling some what helpless. Of course the answer usually is donate, which I did threw Zappos and Crowdrise. Zappos will match up to $1 million dollars, and 100% of funds will help support victims and their families threw a direct impact fund. A direct impact fund makes sure all the money goes directly to cause at hand. Verses taking a percentage threw a 3rd party.  

I also signed a petition to stop gutting federal gun laws the U.S. Congress, which you can do here at

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I just purchased a t-shirt from, which I will be wearing a lot. 

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