Hello my name is Lauren Schugar, and I am the voice behind Vegas Fashion Stylist blog. I am a freelance fashion stylist specializing in wardrobe for commercial, editorial, catalog, and advertising photo shoots for print and video. 

I started blogging in 2009 as a way to answer personal client questions and share my favorite things.  A lot has changed since 2009 and so has my lovely blog. Vegas Fashion Stylist now includes my work life, family life, what I shop for, personal travels, answering aspiring stylist questions, what I am wearing and other cool things I think are worth sharing. I moved to Seattle in 2012 for my husbands work, and continue to work locally both in Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles. 

At my core I believe less is more, value honesty, hard work, and creatively.  


I take free stuff, and if I love the the product/brand/company I will share it with my readers. I always give full disclosure when an item has been gifted. Being very picky & choosy when it comes to the content on my blog I do not take part in sponsored posts. 

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